Providing Capacity, Knowledge & Community

I started my entrepreneurial journey in my 20’s. What I needed more than anything was a mentor who wouldn’t charge me thousands of dollars just so I can see if my business idea was a good one or not.


Fortunately, a few of my good business friends believe this is needed. Especially for Black Women and other marginalized communities.


RayneMore decided to step up and offer their assistance. Me and my network of business partners are making ourselves available to review your projects and ideas at no cost.


We are currently looking for projects in the following industries: Professional, Scientific, Tech, Finance, Social Justice and Art.

Project Spotlight


They create and manage digital assets on the blockchain for artists, influencers, authors and changemakers.

Watch this space for their growth. 

Join The Membership for Creators & Makers

We are building a membership powered by a community of Black Women who are bound together by shared values and shared incentives (RYMR). To join you must hold RYMR cryptocurrency tokens. This means that everyone in the community is invested in the community’s success and gets to participate in the upside of the value we create together.

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