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Begin A Career In manufacturing

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re looking to change your path, here are some reasons to get into manufacturing.


Women In manufacturing

Manufacturing companies offer a long-term career path, highly competitive compensation and allow you to use your creativity to make things better, faster or cleaner. This is why more women should consider a career in manufacturing. 

quotes from women in manufacturing

Once synonymous with brute strength, the industrial sector has since been replaced with safe, sanitized environments, modern machinery, and accomplished employees with specialized skillsets and advanced, technology-driven careers for women.

Consider a manufacturing apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Program Offers More Career Pathways, Helps Close the Skills Gap. Programs could be particularly impactful as a career pathway to higher-skilled positions for women and underrepresented populations. Click here to download our Apprenticeship Guide for North & South Carolina.

your parents don't know sh*t about manufacturing & Factory Jobs

Manufacturing has changed drastically in even the past 10 years, let alone the last few decades. When parents and mentors see the industry as outdated, dirty and non-challenging, it’s harder to overcome the preconceived notions students may pick up from them.

Manufacturing Myths

For many people, their perception of manufacturing jobs is based on old, outdated information. The truth is that the U.S. manufacturing industry has thousands of fantastic, high-paying jobs, and manufacturing workers are more satisfied with their careers than the average American employee.

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