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RayneMore + Focusmate 

Coworking & Accountability

RayneMore & Neurodiversity In The Workplace has a private group on Focusmate.

Focusmate virtual coworking eliminates procrastination and induces flow – long stretches of intense focus. You and another user from our group act as accountability partners, sitting side-by-side while doing your work, during a carefully structured 50-minute video interaction. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Any time you want to get productive, you book a 1-hour session on the dashboard and get automatically matched with another user. You’ll receive a calendar invitation with a link for a video hangout.
  2. Then at the appointed time you both log on, commit to a specific task and quietly get to work with the video hangout in the background.

Membership is FREE and includes 3 60 minute sessions every week. Please complete the form below to register for our group. You will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions.  


We do not want price to be a barrier to use this service. You can give to the Focusmate Fund so that we can continue to provide this service. 


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